We require an up-to-date Rabies Vaccination for any of our grooming services.


This service includes shampoo & conditioner, nail grinding, ear cleaning and blow drying & brushout.  This is a great service for short haired dogs such as Labradors, Bulldogs or Dachshunds. 


This service includes Tub Time Treatment plus minor trimming/scissoring of face, feet, sanitary areas and any furnishing such as back end, belly, chest or front legs.  This is a great service for Golden Retrievers, Border Collies or an in-between groom Goldendoodles that have a longer coat.  


This service includes Tub Time Treatment plus a full body haircut with length taken off the back of the dog.  This service is great for Goldendoodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkies, ect.

Stand Alone Services

Anal Glands

This service is performed Externally and Not Internally



Nail trimming, nail grinding and ear cleaning.


Coat Maintenace Brushout

This is a 15-minute service. Great for owners who do not want to do much brushing at home or to help prevent matting/knotting of the coat. This can also help with excessive shedding on short or double coated breeds.



Hair Coat De-shed Treatment

Add-on to Tub Time, Refresher Spa or Premium Spa Treatment

Light Coat: $10
Moderate Coat: $20
Heavy Coat: $30

Nail Filing

This service gets the nail shorter, rounder and smoother than nail grinding. Helps to eliminate nail scraps and scratches on your children, family and furniture.


Coat De-matting Process

This is a 15-minute service. De-matting any part of the dog taking additional time than normal to work through. This will be discussed in detail at check-in.


Extra- Grooming Time

This is a 15-minute service. Extra time can include styling of hair, additional hand scissoring on a long coat or a dog in a full coat for their breed. This will be discussed in detail at check-in.


Fresh breath & Teeth Maintenance

This service includes teeth brushing, dental spray & 1-Dental Chew


Specialty Shampoo & Conditioner

These products most often are for dogs with allergies or skin/coat concerns


Tearless Color Enhancing Facial Scrub

This product is for dogs or puppies with tear stains around the mouth and eyes.


Day Stay

This service is for grooming appointment dogs only. This is for clients that may need to drop off their dog early and pick them up later in the day. We offer water, snacks that you provide and at least two potty breaks. Your dog must be okay in a kennel. Prices vary on the breed.